Dr. Tonya Loreman

Dr. Tonya Loreman grew up in southeastern Ohio and first became acquainted with southwest Florida while working as an intern at the Conservancy’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

After completing several wildlife and zoo internships, she returned to the buckeye state for veterinary school and graduated from Ohio State University in 1999. 

Her personal interests include reading, travel, and occasionally wondering whether it’s important to include “The” in the name of her alma mater.

Dr. Shelley Gothard

Originally from West Virginia, Dr. Shelley Gothard grew up in North Carolina and is a 2000 graduate of North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Since moving to Naples, Dr. Gothard’s work experience has included both general veterinary practice and emergency medicine.

A self-professed “kitten addict”, she does have a fondness for the feline persuasion. However, with having Jack (aka- the best dog in the world), she cannot help but love the canine companions as well.